Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

It is sad that the Republican Party is telling Americans we can’t afford Medicare for all. Why can every other industrialized country in the world have a similar plan for free health care if it’s so terrible?

They don’t want it taken away from them. Even Cuba, one of the poorest countries on Earth has it, and free college, too.

Think about that for a while, and then ask why the Republicans and Trump don’t want us to be free from health worries and bankruptcy from medical bills, which is the number one cause of bankruptcy in America. Many of those people had health insurance, but it dropped them when they became seriously ill.

Medicare won’t drop you. You can use any doctor who takes it. One-hundred people die every day who are not insured or under-insured with a cheap plan.

That is what Trump wants to replace Obamacare with – cheap, no-frills, no-care plans. He also wants to repeal it so that pre-existing conditions are not covered.

I will tell you why they want to make sure you don’t get health care for the rest of your life. The insurance companies give them huge campaign donations. The drug companies do, too.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders do not take donations from corporations. That is why you will hear all sorts of crazy stuff about them this campaign season.

Those who take the donations don’t want to lose all that campaign cash, and they don’t care if you are one of those 100 deaths per day. It’s all about the money to them.

Common sense should make it clear that we need to join the rest of the world and make heath care a human right. If the Republicans can’t win elections without blood money, then they shouldn’t win. They shouldn’t be giving trillion dollar tax cuts to really rich people, either.

Think about that and you’ll understand why we can’t have health care and free community college for working people. It’s up to you to vote. Do it.