Letters to the Editor 2019

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In an April 6, 2016, Spout Off, I wrote: “Very glad to read about the new purpose and need statement for upgrades or improvements to Routes 55, 47 and 347. The first step study should also include potential improvements to Routes 83, 49, and 50.  

"A network of roads leading into and out of Cape May County can handle more vehicles than one new road. Elimination of sharp curves, selective doubling of lanes, median protection, and widened shoulders and intersections would improve traffic capacity, flow, and safety.  

"A traffic simulation model would assist in quantifying the added capacity and benefits of such upgrades and improvements.”  

It’s four-plus years later and the funding picture is even bleaker than in 2016. It is time to institute a toll plaza on Route 55, at the Gloucester County/Cumberland County border, and dedicate those tolls to fixing up existing Cumberland County and Cape May County routes mentioned above.  

Where do our congressional candidates stand on this matter?

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