Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Even after the mob stormed the doors of the Capitol building, Jeff Van Drew continued to vote not to accept the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

What insanity continues to reside in his brain and heart? He pledged undying support to a man who encouraged the mob, the terrorists, to stage an attack on the Peoples’ House, not seen since 1812, when Britain attacked our country. 

He and his cohorts failed. He, Hawley, Cruz, and Scott, of Florida, and the others will go down in infamy as traitors to our country. 

Jan. 6 was a horrific sight for the world to see. Any chance that other countries will still emulate our country were dashed as manic people broke windows, smashed doors, wandered through offices of senators and representatives and caused the leaders to be whisked out of chambers to hidden bunkers somewhere in the tunnels under the Capitol. 

Encouraged by Trump, Giuliani, and Trump. Jr., the anarchists marched down Pennsylvania Avenue with malice in their hearts. Van Drew might as well have been with them because he and his pathetic colleagues are to blame as much as the three aforementioned traitors. 

What happens now to Jeff Van Drew? He is now a member of the minority party. No favors coming his way. How will he alter his speeches? How will he support the State of New Jersey with absolutely no credibility in the House of Representatives?  

He ran for office as a centrist Democrat. He pledged his allegiance to a manic, evil man who has managed to destroy everything decent about our country.  

He became a Republican. Not a Republican of years ago, to be respected. A Trump Republican, afraid of the bully in the White House. 

The attackers Jan. 6 were not Antifa, as already reported by one media outlet. 

They were Trumpers, and every face seen on TV Jan. 6 will be identified, indicted, and sent to jail. Van Drew should be joining them.  

He called on his hero to tell his mob to stop the rioting because it was un-American. Too little, too late. 

He made a big mistake when he hitched his wagon to a loser. Big mistake. Huge. 

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