Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

For those who like to keep their sanity and ignore or pay very little attention to our local politics, I truly understand your reasoning; for many years, I felt the same way.  

You may think that your vote won't change anything because those career politicians just keep doing what they do and I have no power to change anything. It's that attitude that the career politicians rely on.  

It was in roughly 2014, after wanting to see what the local politics was about, that I found out that our local governments and, in particular, the county freeholder board, is really controlled by a minority of people who, because of a lack of participation, determine how our taxpayer dollars are spent and/or raised.  

From what I've seen, it's disturbing how cavalier many, not all, of these politicians are with dealing with our tax dollars and even with the employees in which they oversee. 

I would like to hopefully change the minds of those potential voters by saying that your vote will count this year if you vote for Brendan Sciarra and Liz Casey for freeholder. It will bring a voice that will call for positive change to policies negatively affecting the employees at the county and the Sheriff's Office.  

I know they will stand up in public and challenge the career politicians on their frivolous spending habits and misguided treatment of the county employees, making county government transparent.

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