Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I must ask the question: What are doing? The second question I must ask: Does anyone even care? We, the people, are allowing our nation and our society to degenerate into a realm not seen in nearly 60 years... legalized segregation!  

I have watched as men like CNN's Don Lemon and ABC's Chris Cuomo call for the "unvaccinated" to be "shamed," "shunned" and "not allowed to participate in society!"  

In New York City, it is impossible to be served in a restaurant, attend concerts, or even enter a grocery store without showing a vaccination card and government-issued photo ID.  

The NYC mandate prohibits unvaccinated people from entering buildings that accommodate the public. A building is described in the order as a structure having three or more walls with a roof and/or an overhang. That includes grocery stores! This is segregation 2.0, plain and simple. 

President Biden's recent mandates only underscore the government's determination to further segregate us.  

I remember as a child visiting family friends in the deep south. I vividly remember seeing the "Whites Only" and "No Colored" signs. We are about to see those signs again. This time they will say "Vaccinated Only" or "No Unvaccinated." Remember the "leprosy colonies" from years ago? Here we go again... unvaxxed colonies or do we call them FEMA camps today? 

I know many will disagree and even ridicule me for saying these things, but many will agree.  

Getting vaccinated should be a personal choice and a choice respected by everyone else. What happened to the rallying cry, "My body. My choice." Oh, that doesn't apply to vaccines. Why not? If you want the vaccine, then go for it! Just don't tell me I have to get it!  

This virus is real. I know people who have died from it... I also know people who had it and recovered and are fine! According to the CDC, that is 99.7% of all those who contract the virus.  

All we hear is "follow the science." Well, science tells us if you have had a virus, you have antibodies and are basically immune to reinfection or spreading it to others. If you are vaccinated, you are protected. That is the whole purpose of being vaccinated, isn't it? So, why then is our president telling us: "We have to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated." What? If the vaccine works and you are vaccinated, then why do I have to be vaccinated to protect you? That's why you got vaccinated.  

Why are New Yorkers required to be vaccinated in order to buy groceries, while hundreds of thousands of migrants cross our southern border each week unvetted, unvaccinated and untested? 

I and many others like me are tired and sick of the politicians using this virus to create division among us and that is exactly what they are doing. The unvaccinated are now terrorists!  

Don't cry about how short-handed medical facilities and hospitals are when those same places are firing people for not being vaccinated! I know a woman whose sister-in-law worked in a Philadelphia hospital as a billing clerk for more than 20 years. She had no in-person contact with patients whatsoever. After more than 20 years of faithful service, she was fired for refusing to be vaccinated. This is immoral and it's not going to end well for our country and our society.  

People are not going to sit quietly and take mandates and executive orders from Biden much longer! Remember when he said, "Only a dictator uses executive orders." Well, if the shoe fits, wear it. 

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