Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

What is happening to the fabric of our country? What is the source of a trend whereby our elected representatives show disdain or outright hate for one another? Whatever happened to respect for opposing viewpoints?

It has been reported the folks that designed our Constitution had massive disagreements as to what that precious document should contain; however, respect and candor prevailed, as that diverse group debated for hours to get it right. The result began a nation that millions left their home countries to begin a new life.

Today, we find our country in turmoil, as proposed laws and legislation are often subject to polarization or personal bias. Gone are the days when opposing political parties would sequester to a smoke-filled room to compromise over a controversial piece of legislation (of course, “smoke-filled rooms” are not a good thing today).

As a massive hate discord between our two major political parties has been festering for some time now, much-needed legislation has become a hostage.

The infrastructure of our country is deteriorating, as our roads and bridges need urgent repair, many of our public schools are in dire need, citizens live in sub-standard housing, or on city streets, people depend on food pantries to eat, those with mental deficiencies have no programs to attend, illegal drug use is rampant at all age levels, and dozens of other needs require attention.

Even our Supreme Court has become the victim of polarization. Verdicts are often reported as “along party lines.” Justices are grilled before being appointed, as to how they might vote on “hot” issues.

We are, perhaps, the laughing stock of other nations, as they see and read about the quibbles that exist between the leaders of the wealthiest country on Earth. Even the capitalist system is under attack.

Presidential hopefuls run on platforms denouncing those that have taken advantage of a system that often rewards those that positively apply themselves. There will always be those unwilling to take advantage of the opportunities afforded here.

With all its ills, one still would be hard-pressed to find a country where it is possible to enjoy the pursuit of happiness. May God bless the United States of America.