Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

By the time the wildfires are out, millions and millions of acres will be scorched! Where's Greta Thunberg? Al Gore? AOC? Not a peep, but they all want us to drive electric cars.  

Here's some food for thought. There are 604,163 landscape businesses just in the U.S. Do you get your lawn cut? All depend on one thing - gasoline.  

Oh, but wait, about 5,900 commercial jets, 12 million private boats, 55,000 merchant ships, 500,000 trucking companies, and 15.5 million trucks burn fuel! Interrupt any of these things and people will lose their minds!  

Remember when toilet paper couldn't get here fast enough? No Lysol?  

Let's go here for a minute. The current power grid cannot handle 0-degree temperatures come winter and is struggling to keep up with demands now in summer for air conditioning. How in the world are we going to charge up 100 million cars at night?  

I can see all of you charging your private boat to go sport fishing. Yeah, go tell that to all the marinas around here, just here.  

Has anyone looked back to the 1970s and the "science" told us we were all going to freeze to death come the new ice age? Where are the catastrophic sea levels that Al Gore's "scientists" said were going to happen? It didn't.  

Do you have your casket all picked out? AOC says we're all going to be dead in 12 years, three years ago. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) cautioned the audience that climate change would “destroy the planet” by the year 2031 if people fail to address a generational challenge she likened to World War II. I want to know where she got her degree in science.  

A new study from the University of Delaware is one of the first in the world to show that tree trunks in upland forests actually emit methane rather than store it, representing a new, previously unaccounted source of this powerful greenhouse gas. 

Methane is about 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide, with some estimates as high as 33 times stronger due to its effects when it is in the atmosphere. 

Because of methane's global warming potential, identifying the sources and "sinks" or storehouses of this greenhouse gas is critical for measuring and understanding its implications across ecosystems (I quoted this from the University of Delaware).  

Do you drink from plastic water bottles? Quit and save 50 million barrels of fuel a year.  

I just scratched the surface. I guess you all forget about the Kuwait oil rig fires that burned for months and 700 oil rigs? Where did all that pollution go?  

I can say this with a sure bet that some of you will be upset at this letter because it'll prove you wrong. I, frankly, don't care because it's factual and part of history, but I'll bet the next apocalypse that comes down the pike and you can't get a product, you'll be screaming at the top of your lungs - where is it? You'll be begging for a truck then.  

How about go out and push your yard with a rotary mower. Let's see how long that lasts. Yes, how quickly we forget just what fuel does for us, and I remember all too well gas lines of the 70s and fuel rationing. Do you? I watched fistfights, cheaters, wrecks, stealing, and all the wonderful attributes of mankind. Boy, I can't wait until we all go electric! 

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