Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I enjoyed your Review and Opinion editorial. Affordable housing can be accomplished quite easily by amending zoning laws. There is little profit in affordable housing.  

I am very selective with applicant applications and only interview candidates with outstanding credentials. This standard ensures clean and safe housing. This policy protects the interests of tenants and landlords.  

Gov. Murphy has extended the executive order for rent deferral until January 2, 2022. The rental moratorium will not be removed until two months after the pandemic is declared over, by some estimates, in April of 2022. This equates to landlords not receiving rent for two years.  

Landlords are paying mortgages, utilities, repairs, and other costs. For some, rental income is their only income. And now, we are providing free housing, compliments of Trenton!  

Property owners invest hundreds of thousands into housing. Back rent will never be repaid in full. Even if our courts award a fraction of money owed, judgments will never be enforced, and thousands of landlords will sell properties as they declare bankruptcy.  

When landlords are bankrupt and forced to sell, corporations will buy rental properties dirt cheap. Rental laws will be changed by big wigs with deep pockets and $100 lunches. Expect rental prices to dramatically increase, with less housing stock under new rules. 

A discerning mind might speculate this is a land grab. Force landowners out of business with illegal and unconstitutional laws. It is interesting that landowners with less than three units are not eligible for payroll protection loans or federal grants.  

Is this the new America? Why deal with nonpaying tenants, no evictions, no security deposits and thousands of evictions on the horizon? It is cheaper to leave properties vacant. Year-round rental housing is no longer available. 

I urge all landlords to remove your properties from the market. Avoid the coming carnage. The only recourse for landlords is to start a class action lawsuit against the state for unconstitutional and illegal laws that are forcing many into bankruptcy.  

With eventual evictions, tenants inherit ruined credit, not paying rent for years, with no job prospects. A new address of tent city, U.S.A., holding expired unemployment stubs.  

My church teaches Christians to acquiesce to government authority. I agree. Until government violates my constitutional and property rights.  

I now question the wisdom of rules and cancel culture filth spewing forth from the administrative state. I am fearful this is all going to end very badly for individuals and our nation's unity. 

Does anyone really think Phil Murphy deserves a second term?  

Joe Biden is creating a grand and just society where idleness is much better than work, and housing, education and food are free for those of no ambition. 

Who's going to pay for it all? Certainly not the newly homeless, our bankrupt landlords, thanks to the ineptitude of Trenton and Washington.  

I have a problem with Washington when they guarantee business bankruptcies.  

New laws are essential now for landlords to survive. Without small landlords, there is no affordable housing. 

I have corresponded with Congressman Van Drew and Sen. Testa's office. I have made many recommendations for reform to save the housing market.  

I have invited both legislators to tour my properties and rental houses to better understand the plight of the landlord.  

Though I cannot provide $100 lunches, I promise outstanding hospitality and Arby's two for one value meals with Crystal Light Lemonade. Sound like a deal? 

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