Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

My neighbor moved permanently to Florida a few months ago. Shortly after, his house was to be occupied with new tenants. I observed closely as they commenced moving to their new residence. Seeing that they had brought some motorized dirt bicycles with them was quite concerning.   

Just as I thought, my fears of the peace and quiet of my neighborhood coming to an end came to be. These new neighbors would ride their motorized dirt bicycles and four wheelers up and down the street on occasion. This bothered me deeply, as I had grown to love the security of silence that my neighborhood seemed to possess. I felt betrayed by my old neighbor, who had moved to Florida. How dare he allow these people to move into his house.   

One morning, fairly early, I was woken up by police lights. The kind and quiet neighbor on the opposite side of the new tenants had a squad of state police at his home. The police and what looked like detectives carried boxes and boxes of what I can only assume is evidence to their vehicles. The longer I watched the police take things out of his home, the more I realized something was very wrong.   

I had been so concerned about my security of peace and quiet being disturbed by these new neighbors that I hadn’t noticed significantly more sinister activity at my other neighbor's home. Now, you could call me a nosy neighbor, but I learned a valuable lesson watching those police - don’t be distracted by some new threat to my security, because there probably is something far worse happening where I am not looking. 

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