Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

In these perilous and changing times, it is important for all Americans who love this country and its founding ideals to understand the consequences that will surely follow with a Biden presidency.

It has become obvious to all but the most politically biased that former Vice President Biden is in mental decline, and is incapable of assuming the duties of the commander-in-chief.

He is a 50-year establishment politician with little to show in the way of achievements with the exception of enriching himself and family members through influence peddling and selling America out to foreign interests.

He is now the perfect puppet for the radical left of the party and admitted that he would be the most "progressive" president in history. He signed a pact with devout communist Bernie Sanders (who praised Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez) to enact many of his socialist policies.

His Vice President pick, Kamala Harris, is an original co-signer to the "New Green Deal" and will surely push its implementation, which would radically alter our way of life, cost millions of jobs, and ultimately bankrupt our economy.

There will be open borders, abortion up until (even after) birth, amnesty, and "free" health care for an estimated 11-20 million illegal immigrants... Biden, while pandering for the Muslim vote, also stated that he would open up the nation to more Muslim "refugees" (how is that working out in Europe?) and would like to see Islam taught in schools... while Christianity and Christian prayer are banned.

The Democratic Party has refused to condemn, and even offered support for, the Antifa anarchists and Marxist Black Lives Matter rioters.

If you are not bothered by the chaos and destruction, high crime, and murder rates in primarily Democratic-controlled cities and states where they are defunding and disbanding police departments, vote for Biden.

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