Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

After watching President Trump uncover dirty tricks aimed at removing him from office by State Department, DOJ, FBI, CIA , and other federal departments' employees,  the importance in our democracy of  sunshine and government transparency has been  proven..

Think of the emails, phone call,, computer disk records, written notes, etc. that became critically important in "PROVING" that FBI employees, government prosecutors, DOJ employees and others were guilty, even if still unindicted,  of trying to take down the presidency of Donald Trump.

Tens of thousands of  these critical pages were pages and documents  of  Freedom of Information Act items resulting  from "FOIA" records, Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. @ 552 and U.S. Department of Justice ("DOP") regulations.

Entities and attorneys  like Judicial Watch (Tom Fitton, President) , John Solomon, reporter, and Sydney Powell, attorney for Michael Flynn, among other brilliant investigators and authors  have supplied the most important critical "PROOF" obtained by their FOIA requests allowing us  all, and allowing  Attorney General Barr to  begin to layout and uncover many separate legal matters and all the dirty details of the past three years of the Presidency of Donald Trump.

There is absolutely no way to overemphasize  how important in a democracy it is to have statutes and rules for government behavior and activities to be transparent, and have the sun shine on those activities.

For some unknown reason, our own government lawyers actually fought in court over and over to keep secret critical "PROOF" that showed that our own FBI lawyers etc. were "dirty." They should have wanted the truth to be uncovered, but, FBI Director Christopher Wray allegedly allowed our own lawyers to have our own government lawyers fight to keep  FOIA documents secret..

Here is  breaking news. It now becomes   important that the public knows that this "virus" and it's ramifications, is having an effect that unfulfilled FOIA requests are almost not being fulfilled at all right now. This has to be remedied.

It is being reported that "....the State Department's capacity to process records dropped by 96 per cent.." The processing has "...ground to a virtual halt due to work changes aimed at quelling the corona virus pandemic...”

It is reported that "...State taps retired employees....to handle the painstaking task." These people are also older. President Trump needs to somehow use his "businessman's brain" to get these FOIA requests fulfilled quickly, since we have seen the importance of transparency in front of our eyes  in the news on an almost daily basis.

Please President Trump, immediately fix this virus-related government problem. Secrecy in government is "evil" says every Supreme Court Justice. Fixing this is equally as important as distributing masks and testing equipment, especially since the "deep state" is still alive and well.