Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Sorry to sound like a broken record (I realized that half of the readers don't know what a broken record sounds like), but, again, I must criticize the county for their seeming total disregard for the time their citizens and voters have to spend on Avalon Boulevard due to bridgework. 

I also wouldn't be writing to the editor if county officials bothered to respond to my email questions, but they never seem to care enough to do so. 

Knowing the extraordinary number of people still here this year, the bridge job should have been delayed for a month. Anyone paying attention or caring about our time in transit would have realized this. 

Any time the bridge needs to be totally closed, the roads leading to Avalon Boulevard should be blocked to prevent giant backups, again, a simple courtesy we're not seeing. 

The green/red lights should be monitored and timed to measure traffic and adjust for times of heavier in-and-out traffic, not just five minutes each way all the time. 

This and all future contracts requiring lane closures should require around the clock, everyday work to get them done faster and more efficiently. Yes, that is more expensive, but how much are we wasting in fuel and employees on the clock sitting in traffic doing nothing? 

No, I am not an engineer, but I have lots of experience in administering public contracts. I don't claim to represent anyone, but I've heard numerous complaints that echo my sentiments. 

A little common sense, better planning, and a real concern for the people of Cape May County by the freeholders and other county officials would be greatly appreciated. 

As always, I am happy to discuss this issue with any county officials, publicly or privately. 

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