Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

Michael Clark has finally dipped his hand into the Democrat cesspool and drew out a handful of liberal, Democrat hate and innuendoes.

He is running to retain his seat on Middle Township Committee. In one of his mailers he sent out recently, he called Mayor Tim Donohue a white supremacist.

I have known Donohue for about 20 years. We worked together at Kelly Products where there was a staff of about 12-18 people there at different times of the year. Some were African American, some Hispanic.

We go to Our Lady of the Angels (Catholic Church) together. We belong to the Knights of Columbus together.

I have known his family since his daughter was born (she will soon graduate college). In all the years I have known Donohue, I never heard him make a racial remark or a racial joke. He has never said anything racial to any of the Kelly Products employees in my presence.

Donohue is the last person someone should call racist or a white supremacist. I have always known Donohue to be a fair and honest man.

Clark needs to apologize to Donohue and Middle Township, for his abhorrent behavior, but his handlers in Camden and Trenton won't let him. He should resign from committee.