Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Our country is in a bit of a mess right now. Our government appears to be moving us into an unending hole financially. Proposals are being presented under the disguise of something good, but when all the pie is cut up, very little is aimed at the publicized need.  

Is this our country we have known? How about all the politicians that are being smeared for doing their jobs that they were elected to do.  

Then, there are the politicians that are being caught with behavior beyond any kind of deceit, moral conduct with speeches that tickle the ears of people that listen with very short attention to what they hear. A leader that looks right into a TV camera and lies and constantly cripples our country every day with his pen and speeches.  

Obviously, people are not listening to what is said or being done to our country. If the left doesn't like the rule that Congress operates under, they just change it - rules that were made by real men, intelligent men who saw the consequence in the future if we strayed from these laws. They had a heart for a new nation. My nation.  

We have a host of important people in positions in Washington whose thinking will destroy my country. I am a fair man, but personally, I cannot listen to them anymore. It is sad and way beyond belief how their plan has come together so quickly for our country. We are in real trouble. 

My country a few years ago, not too long ago, was doing well. People worked hard, which is not a bad thing, raised their families properly, and honored Sunday as a church day.  

Is it different today in our country? My country had a fairly good school system. What about the learning system today? How about the schoolbook writers? Now, there is a nasty out-of-control problem.  

Can a high school student write a letter, answer a history question, or even a present-day event question? My country's students could do those things. Today, there is a lot taught about nothing solid. 

How can I or you move on under these conditions? One only has to listen to the four persons that lead the country. Listen to their talk. They back nothing up with fact.  

God help my country - the United States of America. 

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