Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:    

This is a “thank you” to people I’ve never met, never will, and yet they are literally a part of my life. Thanks to you all, I am here this Thanksgiving holiday.

Last Thanksgiving holds a special meaning to me as I spent it in a hospital undergoing intense chemotherapy for acute blood and platelet transfusions to allow me to survive while undergoing continuing treatment for my disease.

Thank you to all of the blood donors, who made the effort and took their time to donate their blood and other various lifesaving blood products. It was there the second I needed it – every time! Each time I watch the nurse hang a bag of blood or precious platelets, I wonder who the donor was, and if he or she knew how important their donation was in prolonging my life. And, of course, to the Red Cross and all of the doctors, nurses, and other people and organizations that make this miracle happen every day, for many of us facing all types of health challenges.

Because of them, I’ll get to spend Thanksgiving 2010 with my precious family. Without their sacrifice and generosity, I would not be alive today. This Thanksgiving, I give special thanks to all the blood donors in our country! 

ED. NOTE: This letter was published in the Herald in 2010. Its author is now deceased. The letter was resubmitted by her sister, Leilani Munyon.

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