Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

Are the taxpayers in Cape May County paying attention to all the homeless vouchers that are being given out to the motels in our county? I’m not against the homeless using them.

A single, overnight voucher is about $50. A two-week voucher is approximately $500.

The room conditions of some of the rooms that are paid for by our tax dollars are most deplorable. They are not cleaned, sheets aren't changed, they get no toilet paper, and no towels are provided for a shower. There are so many holes in the walls, molding falling off the walls, and some rooms have no running water at all.

What's more disheartening to these people is the heat or air conditioning is run for one hour, and then is off for about an hour. This, in turn, causes the customer to have to wrap in many blankets to keep warm when the temperatures drop.

To top off their stay, some of these motel owners kick the voucher clients out in the very early morning, if they are those referred from the homeless hotline for a one-night stay.

I have called the Health Department and the state to make official complaints. According to what I was told, motel owners are not regulated like everything else in the county and state.

Motel inspections are only every five years. You would think that the county would at least check the motels that are being given a voucher.

How the homeless are being treated is a direct reflection on how little their lives must mean, especially to those in an official capacity to enact much-needed aid. This situation in the county has been in crisis mode. It’s dire.

The influx of elderly homeless is increasing. We need more low-income housing. The abhorrent neglect of these people is shameful, and shame on those who can act, but don’t rise up and assist them.