Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

A few folks have noticed my withdrawal from local government meetings and editorial pronouncements. Many at the dais are grateful for my absence, especially those with the gavel.

Simply stated, I love the area I call home and the country I served. I have tried to contribute to my community and have raised a family whose lives are in service as well. Unfortunately, after decades of involvement, I refuse to take part in the spectacle that is our government today.

From Court House to the White House, politics are filled with selfishly motivated people, often manipulated by a partisan hierarchy. Family members and the politically connected are our managers.

The incompetence that brought them to these positions is exploited by the industries flourishing at the taxpayers' expense. While being a stepson or brother may identify you, it does not contribute to your credentials.

Worse is that we the people are the cause of all this. Those who tell us what we need to hear cannot compete with those who tell us what it is we want to hear.

At times the candidates' credentials are measured by their party affiliation, nothing else. We ignore a system meant to provide checks and balances. Strong partisanship is opposite to our society's nature. It can lead to biases, discrimination, and even censorship.

It seems suddenly all that is to define us, is our economic success. Brotherhood is now a partisan term. Even as a heathen, I understand these beautiful lyrics,

"America! America!

May God thy gold refine.

Till all success be nobleness.

And ev'ry gain divine!"

Today's economic success is selfish as well, with our working poor being manipulated to create higher profits for others.

I don't know the answer for any of this. I'm not sure there is one.

What I do know is I am old and will not waste my time. I have a beautiful family and an old RV. I will enjoy them and ignore these ugly times.

I will travel to see our beautiful for spacious skies, as our dignity is tweeted away and lost in all the lies.