Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

Where do we begin to have conversations about racism? I suggest starting with one’s self.

Start with positive biases. Some cause no harm, like your favorite ice cream.

Make a list of them with the reasons why you like them. Include people on the list.

Then, add the reasons why you like each thing on the list. Put the list away for an extended period while always thinking about it.

Then, start a list of things and people you don’t like with reasons for your feelings. Put this list away like the first, also for an extended time.

Keep thinking about both. Review the lists.

Then, after reflective thought, I feel one can now seek out a race-relations discussion. Set rules for the talk - no dominating allowed or it ends.

Try not to preach or dictate and calling people names. Take turns speaking.

All should be heard if done in a small group. Start with “one on ones.”

It may take a long time for positive results, but it will be worth it.

Brains, hearts, and attitudes have to be rewired. We hold what we were taught, as kids, by adults who should have known better. We should start conversations with ourselves.