Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Democrats are not hiding what they are going to do if elected. This is my opinion of their policies. 

Higher taxes - To pay for all the free things: health care, college, child care, even for citizens/non-citizens who are not working and don’t pay taxes. 

Open borders - Anyone can come into the U.S. without being checked (gang members, sex traffickers, communists, terrorists). Remember 9-11? I do. Abolishing border patrol, which will leave our borders wide open for any criminals and terrorists. How do you think that will work for us? 

Defunding police - How safe do you think the streets will be for your family and who are you going to call in an emergency - social workers? You might as well call ghostbusters. 

“No Bail” policy - Someone is arrested for whatever crime, including rape, assault, robbery, and murder, and they get out on bail to commit crimes. This has already happened on more than two occasions and that is documented. 

Abolishing gas, oil, and so forth - Loss of millions of jobs, no planes, no boats, only electric cars. Do you realize the price of vehicles when you have no choice? Houses, business, and buildings will have to convert from fuel (imagine the cost of that). There will be long road trips where you have to keep stopping to recharge your car. We can't correct climate change by ourselves. The world would have to participate. The rain forest is not being destroyed by climate change. It is being destroyed due to humans cutting down trees to produce wood for building homes for the increasing population. That was a documentary on TV. Maybe everybody shouldve watched it. It would open your eyes. 

Higher taxes on businesses - The Democrats have already done this in the past (and they are saying they will do it again), causing outsourcing of American jobs and raising taxes on businesses, which forces businesses to leave the U.S. 

Freedom of speech - They are also, as of right now, and they aren’t in office yet, restricting our freedom of speech. By the way, at the Democratic convention, they left out two words of the Pledge of Allegiance - “under God.” That should tell you everything. 

Health care - Amy Kennedy may be a very nice person, but if elected she will have no choice but to become radical and vote along with the rest of the Democrats, whether she wants to or not or face the backlash, just like Van Drew (why do you think he changed his party?), and if you think she will be able to do anything about health care, think again. All the Democrats want is Medicare for all (how long do you think Medicare can survive?) or the Affordable Care Act, which is expensive, and my doctors bailed out. I know. I was on it. It is cheaper to pay the tax penalty than to pay for health care.  

Democrats will reverse the deal that the president made with Iran. Our tax dollars will, again, be given to Iran. They will, again, be able to advance their nuclear weapons, which they would love to use against the U.S. Do you want America to be at the mercy of Iran and Communist China? 

This is just a handful of what they are openly stating they will do. They are not hiding anything. Is this the America you want? Think about it. Wake up, America, before it's too late.

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