Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Thank you for your front-page picture and story of the peaceful demonstration on Good Friday, on Route 9, in Court House, in opposition of abortion. 

For many people, abortion is a subject they don’t want to touch, but the young eighth grader, who attended the event with her mother, wanted to stand up for babies who cannot speak for themselves.  

Even that young lady realized that an innocent life will come to a tragic end and she held that sign for all who pass by to see that “Abortion Kills Children.” This is a truth that many don’t want to hear about. 

Also included in the article was a mention of a bill now before our legislators, in Trenton, the Reproductive Freedom Act.  

This bill would codify late-term abortions up to birth, permit non-physicians to perform abortions, eliminate any requirements for parental notification, eliminate any conscience protection laws for health care workers, mandate taxpayer funding for abortion services and prohibit any future laws or regulations that would conflict with this legislation.  

How many citizens of New Jersey are aware of this? This is a human rights issue that all should be concerned about and they want more of our tax dollars to pay for this evil.  

Please speak up now. Call Gov. Murphy to express your opposition to this outrageous bill. Contact your legislators and voice your objection. 

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