Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Without CO2 plants, people could not survive. Man's activities account for only 3% of the Earth's CO2 or .0012% of the atmosphere. To think man has any material effect on climate change is naive and defies facts, evidence and science.  

Ask yourself how the ice ages began and more importantly how they disappeared. It was not man's activities that caused a warmer climate and the disappearance of ice sheets that were up to two miles thick.  

Climate is caused by the complex interaction of the changes in Earth's orbit, the wobble on its axis, ocean currents, airstreams and most importantly solar activity.  

Climate change is a natural occurrence. To spend trillions solving an issue that doesn't exist will create more damage to the environment, harm animals and lower the living standards of billions of the Earth's people. 

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