Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Thanks, Shay Roddy and Art Hall, for reporting facts about climate change, in particular the rise in temperature due to the burning of fossil fuels and destruction of forest land.  

We've all watched Rio Grande Avenue, at Susquehanna Avenue, flood more and more often, and the work to raise the height of the road, and now construction of the massive new pumping station at the beach, at Leaming Avenue.  

Yes, folks, burning something like 50 billion tons of anything every year is going to make things warmer, and it's been going on for many years.  

We all know that industries making money want to keep doing so, whether the product is cigarettes or coal, but sooner or later reality can't be denied any longer.   

The question now is can we save ourselves, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren from something horrible.  

Carmakers are going electric. Solar panels and wind turbines are becoming more numerous and providing a greater percentage of energy every year.  

My first question is about nuclear energy. Are extremely safe nuclear plants and nuclear waste transportation and storage possible? I hope so.  

My second question concerns the planet. Remember the gigantic hole in the ozone layer that was caused by the release of hydrofluorocarbons that repaired itself when we stopped releasing them?  

Can the planet recover if and when we stop burning vast quantities of coal and oil and replant forests, or has too much Arctic and Antarctic ice already melted?   

Thanks, again, for your clear, honest reporting so far, and may you continue into the future. 

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