Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

While President Donald Trump tries to hog the national spotlight this Independence Day, making "the people's" celebration of American liberties all about him, thousands of children, noses runny, lacking basic hygiene supplies, likely will still be sleeping on cold, concrete floors in American concentration camps.

How's that for irony? Or more to the point - flat-out hypocrisy? And how can we celebrate our American liberties knowing children, as young as two years old, are housed like sardines in a can in our own country?

Are you fellow Americans, Christians and non, okay with little mucus and feces-encrusted brown-skinned kids sleeping on cold floors, widely reported just a couple of weeks ago?

If you're not, you best make it known. If we as a purported godly people, who champion truth, justice and human decency, sit idly by on this one, we lose any right we may have had to defend ourselves against the White House deception in the future.

You can't call yourself a Christian and not call out the president on his abuse. I don't care how much fireworks, patriotic anthems, and disingenuous platitudes an ambitious White House planner can squeeze into a single day, meant to sway the gullible. The president must answer to this. It's his policy, not the Democrats', not President Barrack Obama's.

It's Trump's policy that has reportedly lost track of an estimated thousand immigrant children. Abetted by loyalist Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, it's Trump's policy, bereft of compassion or justice, which is exacerbating the situation at the border - and further dividing our nation.

Fox News viewers can't fluff this off as "fake news" - although the [resident's propagandist outlet has surely, pathetically tried.

Just ask yourself why in the past week or so, the acting director of Customs and Border Patrol resigned and typically indifferent corporate behemoth Bank of America announced it would stop financing the for-profit immigrant detention centers and private prisons.

So, yeah. Now is the time to say enough.