Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

I am somewhat at a loss to understand the recent actions of many governing bodies on the state and local level. These concerns arise with legislation here in New Jersey, as well as in other states. I wish to submit a few such items for your consideration and ask the question: How can this be?

First on my list is the so-called "sanctuary state." How is it possible for a state to pass legislation, granting sanctuary to persons who have entered this nation illegally? Simply because they are here without proper visas, etc., makes them lawbreakers under federal immigration laws, yet this and other states offer them refuge, in defiance of federal laws and regulation.

States have a sworn alliance with the federal government, the Constitution, etc. Are not the states subverting federal law and thereby engaging in rebellion against the U.S. government?

Secondly is the issue of states legalizing marijuana for recreational use even though it remains prohibited throughout the nation by federal law. Further, the states then collect taxes on the sale of illegal drugs.

Is this not defiance? Then, to collect tax on its sale.

This is shaking a fist in the face of the federal government. Again, subversion and rebellion, is it not?

Thirdly is an issue very much in the news, especially in Virginia. This is an issue that reaches from the local municipality to the halls of Congress: Gun control.

I will play the devil's advocate if you please. There are, at present, some 45 gun-control bills awaiting a vote in the Statehouse of Virginia, according to just about any news source you care to listen to.

These bills are so far-reaching that many county and local governments in Virginia are already passing measures designating their county as a "Second Amendment Sanctuary" and openly stating that they will not enforce these laws if enacted.

The state is already threatening the use of the National Guard to enforce the laws. Here, again, is subversion and rebellion.

This, however, is a much larger issue. The laws in question are almost guaranteed to be enacted. This raises a Constitutional question.

If you read the Second Amendment, it is very clear. Technically, gun control legislation is unconstitutional.

The word, "infringed," means violated or regulated. Look it up for yourself.

The Supreme Court, in Heller v. DC, has ruled it applies to individuals. How do states pass laws that say it doesn't apply here? If it does apply, how do local governments exempt themselves from enforcing the law?

It doesn't matter if it is gun control, drugs, or immigration, how do you get away with saying we will not abide by that law, or we will take away that right?

There is a saying in the Bible: "And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand." Right now, Virginia is at a boiling point.

County and local governments are talking about open rebellion against the state. At the same time, the state is attempting to violate its constitution, as well as the U.S. Constitution, to impose its will on the people.

At the same time, states are defying the U.S. government and violating federal laws and, in some cases, like Colorado, getting tax rich by doing so.

When a governing body, in subjection to a higher governing body, refuses to be in subjection, that is rebellion. When any governing authority subverts or defies the Constitution of the U.S., that is treason... even if it is the U.S. government.