Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Recent comments by Rudy Giuliani made me write regarding his insensitivity, his attitude, the president's attitude, and many politicians' attitudes towards this pandemic.  

I was distraught to hear him announce he received VIP (very important person) treatment because he was a celebrity, and then bragged about how he received the same treatment that the president received, and how well it worked, but then when he said he was unaware that the treatment he got was not available to everyone, well, that just made me feel how he just doesn't care about others and tries to lie about it.  

I lost my father to Covid Nov. 27. My father was not a celebrity or the president, so he didn't get the special treatment. He was not extremely ill, having only a severe headache at first, and was sent home by the hospital, as he had no trauma, bleeding, or injuries, only positive for Covid.  

After a few days, his head pain went away, however, he then couldn't taste. We talked about that on the phone on Thanksgiving.  

Six days after being diagnosed, he had trouble breathing and passed away quickly at home. Giuliani talks about VIP treatment and being great in four days, but to him and the president, my father is just another number.  

My family followed the rules. I hadn't seen my father since January. He didn't deserve this, he didn't deserve to pass away and have only a graveside service, limited people who had to social distance, no last goodbyes, and no getting to see him.  

My father was a proud Vietnam veteran, wounded on Hamburger Hill, was a loving husband for 49 years to my mother, a loving father to three children, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. He was also known and loved in the community where he lived (Mercer County) as an optician for many years and was known for his thousands of jokes he would tell.  

So, while Giuliani and President Trump enjoy their holidays, my family, like so many whose lives have been ruined by Covid, will not. I will not be putting up my tree this year.  

I doubt this will be read by Giuliani, or any other politician, and no one can bring my father back, but I wrote to help ensure that my father, Joseph Mastromarino, is not just a number, but is remembered and honored, not forgotten. 

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