Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Trump is not a politician, but he sure knows how to manipulate, lie, and get what he wants. Research his history. He has lawsuits currently against him for which he could go to jail.  

What a nice role model for our young people. He really has shown his love for our country by trying to suppress voters, intimidate them, throw out their votes, and discount military ballots.  

He undermined and attacked the foundation of our democracy - the right to vote. He rails, accuses, attacks, and sues with no proof of fraud.  

He has wasted time and money with his ridiculous claims. He has slandered his party members and threatened them.  

He loves America alright if he is the winner. His ugliness, threats, lies, and false claims just continue to divide our country and keep his followers under his control.  

Some credit him for upholding Judeo-Christian values. The problem is not every American believes in these same values. They deserve religious freedom, too. That was one reason America was founded.  

He is pro-life. Abortion is wrong, but the death penalty is OK. A life is a life no matter what age. Killing is murder and the death penalty is against God's law.  

The U.S. is not an island. We are part of the world. We use a disproportionate share of the world's resources. We are not above everyone else. We are equal to everyone else. We need to do our part in protecting the world's resources, the climate we all share, and the environment we all rely on.  

We cannot do that if we drop out of alliances and organizations that are formulated to do this. It is our responsibility to be involved in these groups.  

America has been isolated these past four years. Some credit Trump for keeping his promises. Where is his "better than Obama" health plan? Where is his wall paid for by Mexico and his lower prescription prices?  

Some have predicted all kinds of things that are going to happen under Biden. He is not a communist. He is not going to drastically change our country.  

Some are believing the fear and lies being spread by our current administration. Regarding the education of our children, each state has its own educational guidelines that it follows.  

Speaking of schools, look at them now. They are closed. Great education our kids are getting.  

If Trump were transparent, honest, and cared about us, he would have handled the virus way back in January 2020, and we would not be in this mess now.  

Some say that Trump is fair to all nationalities and races. Not when he tips his hat to white supremacist groups.  

There is still a chance for the U.S. to be a beacon of light and to bring freedom to the world, but that has not happened under Trump.  

The world has been laughing at us and feeling sorry for us. The election has been an embarrassment to our country.  

I was told to suck it up and give Trump a chance when he was elected in 2016, and I did. Now, Trump lost, and it is time for a new president.  

Biden deserves the same chance to have his time in office. It is only fair. This is what democracy is all about. 

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