Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

On the same day I was in Temple for Yom Kippur services Oct. 9 asking God to forgive my sins, and for me to forgive people who have sinned against me, I noticed a paid Democrat political ad in the Herald associating the mayor of Middle Township with white supremacists.

How low can the Democrats go has finally been answered with this vile smear against a good man, whose time in public service has been about bringing folks of every race and creed together.

The point of Timothy Donohue’s comment on white supremacy was that it is absurd for the left to paint half the country as racist for simply disagreeing with the Democrats on any issues. This scurrilous attack only proves Donohue’s point. This accusation must be answered with outrage and disgust by all fair-minded people.

I have known Donohue for nearly a decade. He is one of the most open-minded and welcoming public servants I’ve ever met.

Donohue befriended me, a Jewish person, and welcomed me into his home. He encouraged, endorsed, and mentored Melanie Collins, an African-American woman, in her run for Middle Township Committee.

Donohue is helping to manage the campaign of Antwan McClellan, a man of color and a 2019 candidate for state Assembly. The candidates that Donohue has embraced in the past and present are much more ethnically diverse than those on the Democratic ticket this year, or in recent memory.

I believe that a good man has been wronged. Let’s see if anyone on the Democratic ticket will do the right thing by publicly rejecting these despicable and divisive lies.