Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

An article, titled "Avalon Considers Bay Park Marina Makeover," informed the Herald’s readers of a plan to spend upward of $6 million for a major makeover for Bay Park Marina, including a new boat ramp and newly updated marina building. Exactly what is wrong with these?

Open space grants are capped at $2 million. Here’s a suggestion: Smuggler’s Cove, a historical fixture for many years and a lifeline to Avalon and Stone Harbor boaters and visitors, is for sale for $2.9 million. If there has ever been a historical asset to Avalon and Stone Harbor, it is Smuggie’s.

In lieu of the Bay Park makeover, why can’t, for once, Avalon and Stone Harbor join forces to save Smuggler’s Cove? I feel confident that the county Open Space program would be very receptive to partaking in this endeavor. Possibly the Wetlands could also get involved and/or the Avalon and Stone Harbor Yacht Clubs.

There are two scenarios. The facility would be operated by the two towns. It would be set up to have local school children learn what it is like to be involved in a business. This will have a lifelong effect on some of their future careers.

Even if the bottom line would be a loss, the appreciation of the property would more than offset the loss. Just imagine – a government making an investment that will reap a profit – unheard of.

The other alternative would be to lease the property, of which there would be a possibility of a yearly profit; again, the first time ever for a government.

Smuggler’s Cove should be classified as a historical entity and should be preserved.

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