Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

After watching TV news and newspaper coverage of the “Reopen Protests” I’ve come to a conclusion. The first amendment protects two important rights, “Freedom of speech and assembly.” These rights also protect a person’s right to make a fool of himself and do dumb things.

The protesters demand that governments dismiss Federal and Trump guidelines for reopening. Some claim their freedoms have been taken while speaking out at assemblies waving US flags and Trump flags. Only a few are wearing masks and standing 6 feet apart. Some are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder holding their ill-informed signs.

I believe these will be the same people that if they get the virus will demand that government take care of them. They do not have the right to pass on the virus. Be a good neighbor and stay home. I do agree that parks should be opened as in Pennsylvania with playground equipment roped off.