Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

The years 2020 and 2021 will be sad pages in our history as a country. From the time men fought for this God-given country from becoming a dictatorship until this country-hating bunch took charge is something we should never forget.  

I have been told by some to give it a chance. My answer was simple, just look no further than any communist, socialist country.  

I lived in Cuba for over three years in the early 60s. I knew the people. Better yet, listen to the so-called press or the TV newsreaders and our politicians. Either party, there is no difference.  

They go into their obscene, overpaid positions poor and in no time, all come out rich.  

Listen to Biden's talk and watch his actions, or maybe you shouldn't if you have a weak stomach. The murder of the unborn. Our freedom is being taken away quicker than you can blink your eye.  

For the most telling example of what is going to happen, one just has to look at any other country in the world. Look who wants to come into the USA and who wants to leave. Are you blind?  

Thanks to the educational system, yes, the educational brainwashing, plus the hunger for the turning away from our maker who saw fit to give us this unprecedented country, Hollywood and their sick influence on our young and mindless adults and the most despicable of all is the political system which has become a chaotic self-indulgent mess. 

Yes, you, Biden voter, we are off to a great start. Right has become wrong and wrong has become right.  

This impeachment circus on TV with such immature talk, waste of our money, sick, lying arguments from monsters that are running my country is as bad as the USA can get, or is it?  

What will these twisted minds vomit up next, or is this all part of the communist, socialist plan?  

This is my country. How does it feel, Biden voter? Have you seen the price of gasoline lately? 

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