Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Well voters, 100 days have come and gone. Anything positive been done? Maybe the firm that supplies the ink for the notorious pen the president uses. They are doing well. Otherwise, nothing but expensive talk. A lot of expensive talk. Nothing but talk as usual that will run my country into the ground. 

Now let us survey the real picture. The picture that the so-called news does not tell or show you.  

Anyone interested in what is going on in Iran? How about China? Russia is having a belly laugh. The green thing? The reduction of pollution in the air? What is happening with the VP? Now you see her, now you don’t. Windmills and alternative power sources? That’s going well. 

Here is a good one. Electric cars. We will be driving them in a few years according to Mr. Biden. We can buy them with all this free money we will get. That word free is tossed around like a hot penny. Question? Has anyone my age ever got anything free? 

I will end this list only because the number of words I can use per writing. The most man-made tragedy ever conceived and executed in the USA. I know some voters haven’t a clue. 

The southern border. This is a colossal, uncivilized, wildly insane act of destroying a country, the future of a county and the people that have been invited by the president to climb over the wall. We haven’t seen what length these perpetrators will go to change this country. It is just out in the open now. It has been hidden for years. They are running wild with the press cheering them on. Great, isn’t it? 

No, Mr. Halbruner, of Woodbine, don’t quit! Your critics are healthy. It shows us what these voters will go to. They have had excellent training the last four years in how to destroy a country. The voters did not see the takeover of the USA that the TV showed constantly 24 hours a day, of the so-called trials, impeachment and mudslinging by the left and the press, both champions as instructors in this type of criticism. 

Constructive criticism by intelligent folks is helpful and welcomed by me. What our critics spew out through this Facebook thing is pathetic. When one uses the word assume to cut me down, it is obvious he has no idea what is going on. That is the shame of it. 

Forty some years in government and did nothing. Absolutely nothing. One hundred days as president and turned the country into a financial fairyland. No plan just tosses my money at the toys he and the left of Congress want. Our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and who knows how many generations more it will take to cover this. Think about this little gem of the country’s situation! 

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