Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I’m writing to alert my neighbors in Wildwood Crest about a sad phenomenon that has happened three times to my garden. I have shared a twin home in the Crest since 2006.   

Throughout that time, I have maintained a garden in the front and along the side of my property, including the portion shared by my neighbor. Last year, I noticed that someone sprayed herbicide and killed some of my annuals and damaged my hydrangeas, but the damage was not too severe, and there was a global pandemic, so I let it go.  

In early July this season, someone used herbicide on the front yard part of the garden and killed sunflower seedlings, cosmos seedlings, and an established lavender plant in full bloom. I tried to find out who had done this, but with no luck.  

Last week, I parked in my driveway and noticed that a small flower bed next to the driveway didn’t look healthy. When I went to examine the plants, I saw that over $200 in new plants were completely dead. Along with these new planting, my hydrangeas were burned by chemicals.  

There are soaker hoses in these beds that are on timers to water every day, so the damage was not from being dried out. It is clearly chemical/herbicide damage. Someone walked on our property three times with herbicides and killed our flowers in full bloom.   

Our home at the beach used to be a place of peace and joy for us. Now, our property has been vandalized along with our peace.   

I hope this letter reaches the person who did this, and they understand that killing someone else’s flowers is destruction of private property and anyone who values their property and a civil society will not do it again.  

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