Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

Trump's tax cuts have been vilified by every Democrat presidential wannabe, saying it was only the uber-rich that benefited. Now, it is known over $1 trillion came back into the economy overseas, and large and small companies became stronger and sought to hire employees and reinvest in their companies.

The effect has made the U.S. economy not just stable, but consistently growing. Unemployment across every sector is at historic lows, and wages are growing.

U.S. companies are soaring on the stock market, as confidence in the economy grows. Foreign capital is also streaming into the U.S., as American companies show constant profits.

Removal of strangling regulations that were archaic freed companies to expand and become aggressive with confidence. Democrats, instead, talk about increasing taxation to provide unproven social programs that will only be regressive to the new economy.

The old adage about “high water lifting all boats” is proving true with Trump’s economic views, regardless of how Democrats try to say the opposite. Trump’s economy is working very well.