Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Let’s agree that some of those who went to Washington were there for insurrection they proudly said so on any media interview they could find. Not smart.  

They went looking for a fight and found one. You don’t protest with the following items: Clubs to beat someone to death, assault rifles and hand guns. Zip lock handcuffs for kidnapping members of Congress and finally flash bang and tear gas grenades include pipe bombs and Molotov fire bombs. You were there to commit violence and to destroy property.  

Man up and admit it. You’re also not patriots. You are despicable for injuring and killing people and so are your GOP defenders. And you can’t run a good protest. You don’t even have a protest song. Get Meat Loaf on that right away.  

But its okay Sens Hawley, Cruz, and Rubio will white wash your stupidity?

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