Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:  

I share many others' concerns. Recent censorship of speech and expression is at an all-time high, mainly because of lies that were said, spread, repeated, and believed. As we have seen, it led to our Capitol being broken into and the lives of lawmakers put at risk.  

Freedom of speech entails responsibility. We can't say whatever we want, especially when our speech puts others in danger. Opinion is one thing, spreading false information or lies without proof is another.  

A football player kneels during the national anthem and loses millions of dollars in endorsements. A pillow salesman spreads false information and companies decline to sell his product. These are the consequences of their actions.  

I don't blame the companies for not wanting to support people who continue to spread lies. Companies have this right if their values are not being displayed.  

Yes, 130-140 congressmen objected to the Electoral College votes mostly because they feared retribution and are seeking support from the former president. I am sure people heard his threats to all those who did not stand by him.  

Sure, they have the right to object, but they had no proof to offer that would have changed the outcome. They just kept the fire going to please their chief and now they are also getting feedback about their choices.  

It goes back to taking responsibility for your actions. The only insurrectionists are those who organized, promoted, and broke into the Capitol. It remains to be seen if the former president is one of them. That is what the impeachment trial is all about.  

I felt like we were moving closer towards Nazi Germany under Trump. The media was spouting lies. Everything he didn't like was "fake news."  

We did not know who to listen to or who to believe. He wanted us to just believe in him and everything he said.  

Peaceful protests were stopped with tear gas and rubber bullets. White supremacy groups and extremists were given the green light.  

Trump was setting up a takeover of our voting system, our democracy, the checks and balances of our government, and the presidency. He did not get the majority of votes, so he tried to get his supporters to hijack our government.  

That was very unnerving and downright scary. That whole situation should put fear in every American's heart.  

If a person is president, I would think he or she should follow the Constitution and not pressure the vice president to do something he cannot do. Trump tried to change our Constitution to his liking.  

Fortunately, this did not happen. I disagree about our newly elected leader and our current government. I feel that he cares about us and is trying to get us back to being safe and on the road to economic recovery. At least he is in the While House working every day, not out on the golf course. 

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