Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Tim Donohue is railing over his perception of personal attacks. In reality, there are some among us revealing things Tim may not share with all his constituents. 

Is it attacking to inform voters, outside of being mayor, Tim has been a full-time, paid bureaucrat since late 2015? He is in his fifth year toward a public employee retirement that will cost taxpayers for many years to come.  

Is it an attack to point out these things appear to have been facilitated through his brother, Michael Donohue, then County Republican Chairman? Shortly afterward, Michael was appointed to his now-defunct judgeship.  

In the same timeframe Mike's judgeship concluded, Tim's lucrative county appointment had a dubious ending, as well. Tim was then put on the payroll of Sen. Testa. 

Mike, again, seized control of the party and got hired as county administrator, with an outrageous salary of $14,500 monthly. These guys have found their way into the taxpayers' pockets big time. It's not attacking to reveal these truths in any and every way possible. 

As for Tim, we're fortunate to have Bob Jackson, an excellent candidate who is well respected throughout the community. Bob's interest is to serve the taxpayers, not bleed them to death. He has no need, nor desire for public employment.  

Mike isn't that simple. He is clever and has total control of his party and our county.  

Fortunately, we have two credentialed candidates, Liz Casey and Brendan Sciarra, for the freeholder board. They can bring checks and balances to this dysfunctional panel that has handed the reins to the Donohues.  

I am not attacking anyone. I am advising everyone of this serious issue confronting our community. 

Amy Kennedy is very important for our congressional representative. Van Drew was playing footsie with these guys, even as a Democrat.  

While I do not know all the candidates, I do know I will be voting against any part of this unscrupulous political machine. You need to know if a candidate in your district is connected to these opportunists and vote against them.  

These guys are passing taxpayer money around through nepotism and lawsuits, as though it was their own.

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