Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

"Mankind", in this and past centuries, has excelled in the "Sciences", Technology, Medicine and the "Arts". Too bad it didn't work on itself.  

Why do we still have Wars? Famine? Pestilence? Poverty? Unemployment? Homelessness? Persecution and Oppression?  

If you don't like it when someone insults, and disrespects you, why would you expect someone else to like it? If you don't want someone to "mess" with your rights, what right do you have to try to take away theirs?  

How hard it is to believe, that we still have, arrogant, insecure, "power hungry" Dictators, Tyrants, Wile E. Coyotes (self-proclaimed geniuses") and those who would do anything they can to achieve their agendas. No matter who or what pays the price.  

Officials are " elected" to serve and do what is best for everyone. Not what is best for themselves, and their futures. When there is a " crisis", you would expect them to be there, to help try and fix it. Not " skip out", or hide their heads in the sand, till it passes.  

It doesn't matter which party, Republican, Democrat, Independent or "Martians for America". Knock it off! with the misinformation, "exaggerating" truths and what ever "propaganda" that can be spread. Filling peoples heads with all kinds of non-sense., because it's part of the "hooray for me....." attitude, to fill agendas. There is a word for that.  

There are some who "thrive" on Chaos, confusion and trusting that they won't be questioned, because of their "title". Guess what? " quality is NOT in the title, quality is in the "Man".  

Another thing, stop acting like " toddlers". "I'm not doing that!, you're not the boss of me!" Instead of saying, okay, we need to stop the "spoiled brat" gig, and do what we were elected to do, Defend the Constitution, and the peoples of this Nation and do what's best for them, not us.  

Stop the Racist and sexist attitudes, .and the envy, because someone else is doing a better job. I never understood envy. No one cares if you are jealous, they will tell you" it's your circus, deal with your monkeys".  

Also, stop trying to strip people of their spirit, hope and Faith, because they are of another race, another creed, or gender. When someone does something good, acknowledge it, there are so many "unsung heroes", in this world of ours. Let them know that they matter. Don't be part of the problem, be apart of the solution. 

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