Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

Were we to take a look at our foreign policy during the last four years… what foreign policy? We had receded from an Exxon chief executive officer (secretary of state) to a back bench congressman from Kansas of all places.

In the nuclear areas, we had allowed Kim Jong-un to rise to higher levels of danger. Secondly, we eliminated a nuclear agreement with Iran. This would’ve protected the world for another 10-15 years. Rather important, don’t you think?

Russia and China did pretty much what they wished to do, meaning Putin was never challenged and China’s Xi had outmaneuvered us on trade. Just ask our farmers, who were consoled to the tune of $16 billion for their losses, like beans, corn, and the like.

We haven’t even touched on medicine (Covid), which someone hoped would miraculously go away.

Regarding the economy, even though our debt has risen about $8 trillion in four years, have we seen any semblance of infrastructure here in the U.S.?

Now, we enter a new era to save our country with little Republican corporation and so many foreign and domestic problems left to a new administration. Just the way a new administration was left with an eco-crisis in 2008.

I recall a solid economy handed to the Republicans in 2016. They moved to destroy that also.

America seems to be composed of more than many non-thinkers. Follow this: Isn’t there someone armed with vital information, who will soon be financially destitute and not trusted by our intelligence community on the loose?

Four years is a long time. Even Benedict Arnold was a patriot at one time.

We must get out of a quandary caused by the Republicans. Could you imagine four more years of dumbness? God help us.

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