Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Sen. Sweeney needs to keep the state’s hands off my pension. Now he wants to use pension funds to help rebuild the state’s infrastructure that has become run down because of poor management.  

This was the case of the Trenton Water Works. Due to poor management and the City government diverting TWW funds to their city budget letting it rot like its wooden century-old pipes.  

The state has already invaded the pension funds for $300 Million to help Revel Casino get built. None of that money was returned.  

Government doesn’t know how to cut a deal and neither does Sweeney. If this goes through here are suggested safeguards.  

Any funds diverted to the infrastructure need protection. The proposed oversight and chair of the committee of three should only be held by representatives of state employee unions.  

No one from the assembly or Senate should be seated on this committee. Any appointments should need assembly and Senate approval. Why not wait to see what NJ gets from the Feds.  

Once the infrastructure is rehabbed it can’t be sold or privatized by the state. If so the sale money must go into the pension.  

Sweeney is creating problems and needs to back down and also go to Revel Casino and get our pension money back before dipping into the funds again. Senator Sweeney do your job. 

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