Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

The Van Drew/Trump message for reelection is just tiresome. Us vs. them, fear of "those people," and constant division are all slogans used by the Van Drew/Trump team to show us their version of our nation.

Our nation is not a fearful nation; it is a hopeful nation. You listen to the rhetoric of the Van Drew/Trump team and they give you no hope. They want you to be scared all the time. What a horrible way to talk to people.

Trump and Van Drew have been in charge. If there are problems, it has been done on their watch. The real message is that we should be fearful of them and their failure to offer hope.

As a grandfather, and, as a senior, I want elected officials who offer something positive for my grandchildren. The Trump/Van Drew team had their chance. If they want to scare people, I suggest they do it at Halloween, not during an election campaign.

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