Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor:

People seem frustrated with their leaders. The stakes are high and both sides of the aisle appear anxious.

This is a time when stable leaders with a history of selfless community service and undisputed moral character are called to prevail. Elections should not be won or lost based on money, political connections, favor of the press, divisive politics or mud-slinging. It is increasingly clear that a candidate's proven moral character and ability to unify a community for the good must be the standard.

The sentiment of this nation's founders was often similar. President John Adams wrote, "Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private and public virtue, it is the only foundation of republics... there must be a positive passion for the public good..." It is a voter's duty to support candidates who are habitually and firmly disposed to do good because it is in their character to do so.

There can be no government of the people, for the people, by the people, nor any real liberty, if our leaders' personal virtue has not been vetted through service to others. Rather than complaining about corruption and lunacy on the right and left, voters must choose leaders unscarred by money, power, and private agendas, who understand that every vote is a citizen's voice with purpose, and who understand their vote today is a vote impacting future generations.

Character and trust are paramount issues, especially when competing interests are at a fever pitch. We all know both sides of the aisle promote leaders who do not always have the common voter's best interest at heart.

Too often many of us continue to press our programmed buttons without thinking it through. Although no candidate will ever be perfect, the safest standard to rally around is often the candidate with time-tested integrity and proven moral character in community service.

Mike Clark has consistently demonstrated energy, personal virtue and "positive passion for the public good" through years of community services in both the public and private sectors. Clark has faithfully served this community's families as a volunteer firefighter for more than 25 years while employed as an executive for the local Sturdy Savings Bank. For decades, Clark has been dedicated to building a safe and prosperous community for everyone, while respecting this community's unique natural heritage.

Clark is clearly the qualified candidate to represent all Middle Township voters with personal attention, addressing this community's unique challenges with thoughtful, wise and meaningful leadership. Clark has not been known as a person who toots his own horn; therefore, this community can toot its horn on Election Day Nov. 5.

If residents do not stand together and speak up for trustworthy public servants today, they may not be here tomorrow to speak up for you. A vote for Clark is a vote for positive character and integrity in leadership.