Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

I would like to encourage my fellow Middle Township residents to re-elect Middle Township Committeeman Michael Clark Nov. 5.

Clark is well-known throughout the municipality for his integrity, leadership, and deep experience. He has been a trusted leader on challenging issues, consistently delivering positive change to make our local government more effective for our citizens and more efficient for our tax dollars.

Clark has been at the forefront as an advocate for our police department, lending his support to providing the resources needed to bring it to its current officer staffing level and better protect our citizens.

Clark has been active for years with the Cape May Court House Fire Department. He attends more community functions every year than anyone.

I particularly want to mention several things about Clark that may not be widely known, and how he has and continues to improve life in our municipality.

Clark has consistently shown a high degree of intelligence and professionalism in his understanding of new concepts and openness to new ideas that could benefit Middle Township residents. He has pushed for an open-door policy and encouraged one and all to bring forth fresh ideas.

He sincerely tries to motivate, challenge, and develop his fellow committeemen and municipal employees. His management of assigned tasks is second to none. His efforts on behalf of Middle Township have been noteworthy.

Clark has been and will continue to be highly motivated, and perform to very high standards. His dedication and ability to see all sides of an issue, coupled with moral courage, guide his ability to make decisions based on what is genuinely best for our town and all of its people, not on politics. He truly knows what the people in our community need and want.

Isn't it best that Middle Township has representation from both political parties on the committee? I think so, and that will not be the case if Clark is not re-elected.

Also, without Clark, the total years of experience on committee will be drastically reduced and virtually all of the experience will rest with one person instead of two.

Please join me Nov. 5 and vote to keep Clark on committee.