Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Through my years, I have lived in five New Jersey municipalities and worked in close to 70. Over that time, I have had an opportunity to meet many leaders and have learned much from their styles.  

When I became a resident in Middle Township, I rolled up my sleeves and got involved just as I had in my prior locations. As a result, I have come to know our Mayor Tim Donohue well.  

He is as hard-working a politician as I have ever met, constantly looking to better the lives of his constituents. I am overwhelmed by the services our town provides, far in excess of what I was used to, and at a tax rate that is much lower than my previous experience. 

Tim watches the tax dollars and judiciously cuts potential waste while ensuring we, residents, get the services we currently enjoy. 

There is so much more. During the current pandemic, Tim has guided us with tremendous vision. He took the fight to Trenton to get our businesses open and our people back to work.  

As frustrating as that was, it never stopped him from putting together events that kept our community together but socially distanced. The Friday night family porch gatherings to honor first responders, teachers, health care workers, etc., all helped to keep us tuned in to our community. 

His leadership helped to calm us all, by bringing together the many diverse groups in our community, that resulted in truly peaceful protests without the violence we see each day. 

Tim is a leader with a heart for our community. He’s logical, strong, caring, energetic, and has a style that gets things done. He is, in my assessment, one of the best mayors in the state. 

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