Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

To those of you who gifted the government to the far-left Democrat Party in November and now have regrets, be aware your fantasy of reclaiming Congress in 2022 is just that, a fantasy. 

Biden is already in the process of granting citizenship and the voting rights that go along with it to an estimated 11 million illegal aliens, but more likely 30 million, in the opinion of experts. 

They will be grateful in the form of voting for Democrats for all the goodies that will go with it, i.e., welfare, free Medicare, education, etc., an event that will trigger swarms to follow and already are on the way to the U.S. 

To ensure you don’t stand in the way of their far-left plans, the veil of censorship is already dropping, i.e., Twitter, Apple, etc. 

Furthering Democrats’ lock on power are plans for four more senators via statehood for Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, coupled with packing the Supreme Court to further cement their power.  

Eliminating the Senate filibuster, too, will ensure nothing stands in the way of them taking the nation to total bankruptcy with their pie-in-the-shy Marxist/socialist programs. 

Moreover, their media propaganda allies will trigger their “no justice, no peace” rioting and looting protests at the drop of a dime when it suits their purpose to intimidate you.  

In light of the aforementioned, do you really believe you are going to ever again realize the freedoms you threw away with your 2020 vote? 

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