Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Bob Jackson would make an excellent committee person for Middle Township. I have known Bob for several years. He has compassion, empathy, along with the attributes of high ethics and morality. Politics needs a strong dose of those qualities today. 

He would keep a lid on taxes, while also completing projects that benefit residents in a cost-effective manner. Bob would consider all views and make an effort to accommodate citizens who need help.  

He would treat township employees with respect and dignity. He would reduce wasteful spending and improve our township. He has a proven track record. 

On the freeholder front, my vote goes to Brendan Sciarra and Liz Casey. As a retired county employee, I experienced nepotism and favoritism. I observed wasteful spending, including $15 million of upgrades into a decrepit jail, only to be demolished a new jail built. It is time for new freeholders with fresh, bold visions who will provide checks and balances. 

Citizens need Sciarra and Casey. They are the only candidates who have pledged to eliminate nepotism and favoritism, along with employee advancement based on merit and not “connections.” Property taxes will be reduced by eliminating wasteful tax spending. It's time to live within our means. 

Jeff Van Drew has done a great job. He has always returned my phone calls and responded to my letters regarding policy reforms. We have discussed workplace issues, public pension reform, and a pending crisis of 400,000 New Jersey tenant evictions. 

The Veterans Administration (VA) granted my mother an aide and attendance pension after suffering a debilitating stroke. Payments were denied by misinterpreting documents. My lawyer proved the VA wrong. Two years of delays ensued after the VA agreed to reinstate the pension. Van Drew started a congressional inquiry. In a month, the money was sent to support her needs. Mom died a month later. 

Van Drew is responsive to all constituents in his district, regardless of party affiliation, and holds South Jersey's conservative views close to his heart. To his credit, he did not let the Democrat Party bosses intimidate him.  

President Trump has his flaws, as we all do. I'm a little disappointed with his first debate performance. Let's hope future debates are more professional and worthy of his high office.  

Trump returned jobs to America. He made tough trade deals that benefit our country. Europe now reimburses our nation for military defense. If reelected, he will stop the riots and random violence that plaques, ahem, the other party's cities. 

He has my vote. I pray all citizens will vote. It is only our democracy at stake. 

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