Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

As we all know, the Covid vaccine has arrived in the U.S. Many rushed to get it. Many will not.  

With the vaccine comes many unanswered questions. Not so much about the vaccine itself, although there are many questions about it, but rather what will come with it.  

Much has been said about "digital" immunization certificates, vaccination ID cards, etc. In Norway, the cards have already arrived, along with the vaccine. By way of someone who lives in Norway, I have actually seen a photograph of the vaccine card. It is wallet-sized, indicating that it should be carried on one's person. This begs to ask the question: why?  

Nothing in my lifetime has impacted our world and our way of life like Covid has. Already, we have seen restrictions unlike any before. In the opinion of some, myself included, clear violations of our constitutional liberties are occurring in the name of "flattening the curve," which, by the way, obviously did not work. 

I must put forth the question: what next? Will the day come when we are ordered to take the vaccine? Mandatory vaccinations.  

Will we, again, see our rights suspended or revoked for the "common good?" Injecting anything into one's body should be the decision of the individual and theirs alone. Yet, the possibility of mandatory vaccination exists.  

What then of the immunization cards, etc.? Will the day come when those without the card, who refused the vaccine, are prohibited from boarding a bus or plane or from entering a grocery store? Perhaps the day will come when those without the card are prevented from leaving the state or entering another state without proof of vaccination.  

All this may sound a bit far-fetched, but if there is one thing to be learned from 2020, it is that nothing is impossible... especially when the government gets involved.  

We, in America, have followed our "leaders" like blind sheep to the slaughter. We have willingly allowed our freedom and rights to be infringed upon by government decree, all while the government has absolutely no legal authority to do so. All in the name of "flattening the curve." 

We need to be very cautious in how we proceed from here and in how we allow the government to proceed from here. We must always remember that in our form of government, the government is ruled by the people, not vice versa. 

Two years ago, if you told me any of the above, I would have responded that you were crazy. Having experienced 2020, I can see it happening.  

I have two daughters and grandchildren living in Florida. I board a plane in Atlantic City and in two hours or so, I am with them. Many of you can say the same.  

What happens when you are told you can no longer do that without a vaccination certificate? Many will say, "well, just get the vaccine." What's the big deal?  

Freedom is the big deal. It should be up to me if I want a vaccine or not and with or without it, I should be free to go where I please when I please. Somehow, I cannot help but feel that our freedom to do so will soon be relegated to "a thing of the past." 

If you want the vaccine, and perhaps all that may come with it in the future, that is fine. Go for it. That is your right. For me? I will keep my freedom. 

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