Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

My wife and I chose to hunker down during this crisis of Biblical proportions at our permanent residence – Diamond Beach, not at our snowbird, Naples Florida condo, nor the Moorestown in-law quarters my daughter and son-in-law built for us while I conducted my semi-retired line of work.

Common sense dictated Diamond Beach: limited winter population, highly improved medical care facilities, nearly enough stores to shop for our survival needs without the need to hoard in panic.

At first we prided ourselves for making a sound decision. As the virus gathered legs  with lethal consequences in certain “hot spots,” a mini exodus on the part of second-home owners from these hot-spot area took place we.  We, like many other bona fide residents, have grown concerned, especially many of us who are already handling health problems.

Look, I probably would have fled a hotspot with equal dispatch. After this earth-shattering scourge abates, our elected local, state and national leaders need to develop rules and regulations dealing with travel among states and within a state itself during a national crisis.

As I do my five mile walk in Diamond Beach and Wildwood Crest, I have stopped taking inventory of the homes being occupied by second home owners, in order to suppress my own anxiety, trying to comply rigorously and faithfully with what we have been advised to do to safeguard ourselves in other Diamond Beach residents.

A positive attitude and hope are musts in this time of fighting the silent killer.