Letter to the Editor from Coast Guard Captain Kathy Felger

Coast Guard Capt. Kathy Felger

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We are always thoroughly impressed with Cape May County’s commitment to our nation’s service members year-round, but especially Aug. 4 - the Coast Guard’s birthday.

I want to say thank you to all the local government leaders, individuals, families, organizations, and businesses that have shown tremendous care and generosity for their Coast Guard, and for your support of Training Center Cape May, shown through the fantastic 10-page tribute in the July 29 edition of the Cape May County Herald. 

Our staff and their families will not forget this commitment to our service. This willingness and enthusiasm to champion our Coast Guard men and women is an example of South Jersey’s commitment to both our service members and our nation.

We are extremely grateful for the support of all the local businesses that offer opportunities to our members. We also recognize the efforts of the Cape May County Coast Guard Community Foundation in maintaining the legacy and designation of Cape May County as a designated Coast Guard community. 

We are thankful for the gratitude the county and all municipalities show our newest graduates each week as they leave by bus to take their place in the service. The pride in service is humbling and inspiring.

The Coast Guard is truly a global force, with service members conducting dangerous frontline missions in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Whether conducting search and rescue operations, counter-drug missions, ice-breaking, cybersecurity, Arctic service, aids to navigation or other critical assignments, the Coast Guard men and women who graduate here will all have one thing in common – they will remember the love and support demonstrated by the community of South Jersey as they start their careers across our country and beyond.

Thank you again for your generosity and compassion, and thank you for your enduring support. Semper Paratus.

ED. NOTE: The author is the commanding officer of Coast Guard Training Center Cape May. 

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