Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

Regardless of one's party affiliation, they must concede that Donald J. Trump has an inflated ego. As we followed him from his Republican debates to his inauguration to present-day the ego has metastasized to his detriment. First of numerous signs, during debates, he spoke: "I alone can fix it." Be it the economy or the military, "I am the great deal maker." "I know more than the generals." Then there was the international summit when he barged through the dignitaries pushing one aside, throwing forward his chest.

Fake Time Magazine cover pages were hung at his resorts. Club championship plaques were false. There were the choreographed cabinet sessions with TV cameras, having each praising him expressing their appreciation to serve him. There was another such meeting, the same praising with the addition of a very large Trump photo on the table. The inflation of the ego progresses.

He comfortably gives himself the best grades on everything he touches. The best economy ever even though his officials cite an average GDP of 2.3%, not his promised 4,5,6%. This places him in sixth place among the last 10 presidents, the bottom half of the class.

Jobs per month 20,000 below his predecessor, based on Obama's first three years and Trump's similar period. The economy is solid, not fantastic. Yet he tells us almost daily that this is the best economy in history, again self-praise unlimited, ego greater than his GDP.

His ego led to his impeachment. He brashly 'obstructed Congress' by his complete denial to provide documents, abused the 'executive order' processes, with his 'abuse of power,' directing many not to show on subpoenas, and getting away with it.

In short, manufacturing a Biden conspiracy through Ukraine failed, yet he got a free pass from the Republican Senate. So grows the malignancy.

 The malignancy metastasized with the coronavirus. For the sake of his image/ego, he hid the truth from the country. There is a concise fact-based time line of multiple warnings in early January through early March without any sign of federal leadership.

Daily press conferences of self-praise based on false information. Knowing he had lost control of the virus his ego sought future scapegoats, namely the States and their governors and mayors.

Basically, he does not want to be accountable. Yet, he declares he will command 'opening the country for business,' which he does not have the constitutional authority to do, states will prevail.

This is familiar, "I can do anything I wish as president.” The malignant ego can be summed up, "I take no responsibility."