Letters to the Editor 2019

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I want to respond to the surge in opinions concerning the tensions being voiced from second home owners as they contemplate or actually visit their second homes. 

The Governors of our state and neighboring states – Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Connecticut have issued stay at home orders. This means stay at your residence. Period. Is this not clear? 

If you feel compelled to visit your second home, then – and in compliance with New Jersey Governor Murphy’s order – you must self-quarantine for 14 days at your second home. Meaning that you must carry with you provisions for 14 days and remain on your property for two weeks. No picking-up of take-outs, biking, walking/jogging or whatever might put you in contact with residents. If you find that you must exit your second home, please wear a mask and keep your distance. 

Among the reasons for these orders is that we are in the land of the ‘known unknowns.'

We know that the virus is airborne and adheres to surfaces for lengths of time. Hence the Governor’s order to keep the distance and wearing of masks as any visitor can unwittingly carry the virus to a new location. Many people are asymptomatic. Remember the first covid-19 diagnosed case in Cape May County was a visitor from New York.

We are living under the same constraints as you. We locals are also in lock-down mode and we have had to cancel planned visits to children and grandchildren in Bergen County, Minneapolis, Chapel Hill and Savannah. 

 We know that our local services are striving to maintain support and balance to our small community. Overloading such services, however slight, can have a profound impact on our health and well-being. Let us all stay-safe.